What is RPL.Today?

RPL.Today recognises the skills and knowledge you already hold by rewarding your hard work and experience with the qualification you deserve.

The experienced assessors at RPL.Today do this by reviewing your skills and knowledge along with any relevant experience and past study that you have completed and mapping them across to a Nationally Recognised Qualification.

RPL.today is a website that has been designed, built and authored by PARASOL EMT Pty Ltd staff.

PARASOL EMT Pty Ltd is a nationally approved Registered Training organisation with RTO ID: 2551.
All assessments of RPL applications and processes as well as any qualification/s issued with occur from PARASOL EMT Pty Ltd.
For more information on PARASOL EMT Pty Ltd and its available services please go to www.parasol.edu.au

RPL.Today: Road to a brighter future!


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Unit 17 Molonglo Mall, Fyshwick, ACT 2609, Australia

The RPL.Today Advantage

Our services are delivered by A TEAM OF ASSESSORS with years of experience who are passionate about your personal development and progression.



Free Online Skills Assessment

Our online skills assessment has been designed to help you identify quickly and easily which qualifications you could apply for to receive RPL recognition without you needing to talk to our staff.

Our assessment tool covers Business, Leadership and Management, Training and Assessment, Health and Workplace Safety.

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Quality RPL Process that’s easy to follow

We have designed our RPL process to maximise your opportunity to receive recognition for the experience, knowledge and real life skills you already have.

To do this we have designed an online application process that’s easy to use and isn’t just another 50 page manual of technical training language that many of us find de-motivating and a barrier to completing an RPL process – give it a go now!

Excellent student support

Our staff are experienced and want to help you get the best result you can. We are a student centred training organisation.

We are not just here to make a quick buck, but believe in making sure our graduates are job ready and of value to their employers.

Our student support is part of this process with each RPL candidate assigned to their own assessor whose job it is to guide them through the process.


We provide Free Skill Assessment service, register and start now!

This step-by-step assessment will take about 10 – 15 minutes.

Upon completion, you will have a clear idea about what qualification you want and whether you are ready or not.

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Student Enrolment & Payment

Thank you for being interested in our RPL service, before you proceed to the payment, please make sure you have done these 3 steps:


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